Experience The Difference Of Therapeutic Life Coaching…

  • Understanding how your past effects your present and future
  • Releasing ways of being that helped you cope and survive your past, but no longer serve you today
  • Helping you move through areas in your life where you feel confused, inhibited, ‘stuck’, or ‘blocked’
  • Understanding learned relationship patterns, and how these do or do not serve you today
  • Developing your ‘true self’ leadership’ skills –both personally and professionally
  • Embracing transition, transformation, and change – without resistance or fear
  • Adjusting to unexpected, difficult life events
  • Managing your emotions and feelings mindfully and skillfully – including anxiety and depression
  • Aligning with your core beliefs, principles, and priorities so as to live in a values-based manner
  • Discovering strategies to help you communicate clearly, confidently, and assertively with others
  • Understanding how your past (including childhood family roles you fulfilled) may be holding you back and interfering with your ability to wholeheartedly live as your true self in the present
  • Learning how to stand in your truth and light, making you immune to ‘toxic’ behavior and situations 
  • Recovering from ‘people-pleasing’ and ‘codependency’, including learning to set boundaries with others and practice effective and consistent self-care
  • Cultivating rewarding, reciprocal relationships
  • Increasing intuitive awareness by getting in touch with your own inner wisdom
  • Appreciating and expressing your natural gifts and talents
  • Embracing the unknown and living in the ever-unfolding ‘now’
  • Tuning into a constant source of creative, spontaneous ‘flow’ so as to experience improved health, sustained energy, and increased stamina
Rebecca C Mandeville, MA

Rebecca C Mandeville, MA

Therapeutic Life Coach and Organizational Consultant at ChainFree Living Coaching and Consulting Services
Rebecca C. Mandeville is a licensed psychotherapist, therapeutic life coach, educator, and author specializing in emotional healing and living authentically as one's true self.
Rebecca C Mandeville, MA

About Rebecca

Rebecca C. Mandeville is a licensed therapist and certified life coach. She specializes in women's empowerment, career coaching, and equine-assisted learning and therapy.