A Book About Releasing The Past And Discovering Your True Identity…

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What if we were to embrace all of our emotions as welcomed guests, recognizing them for what they are: Wise guides that seek to lead us toward the experience of genuine transformation,’true self’ liberation, and a felt-sense awareness of our innate wholeness?

In her book, You Are Already Whole: On Discovering and Being Your True Self, Rebecca C. Mandeville, a licensed psychotherapist and transformational life coach, shares the unique 11 Step ‘pathway’ she created to assist her clients in their efforts to heal and transform at a deep, core (root) level. To embark upon this pathway, we are challenged to expand beyond the commonly held view that emotions are either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, instead re-envisioning even our most painful feelings and sensations as being health-seeking signals emanating from an infinite intelligence that innately lives within us all; signals that, if paid attention to and mindfully followed, will eventually lead us toward the experience of emotional freedom and sustained well being that is grounded in a direct knowledge of the true self. 

This Book May Be Especially Helpful For People Who:

  • Find themselves continuing to act out old patterns and roles that inhibit the ability to develop and experience mutually rewarding, respectful, and reciprocal relationships
  • Grew up in a distressed family environment
  • Feel they must hide their real self behind a mask
  • Struggle with depression, anxiety, self-medication issues, and/or addiction 
  • Have difficulty asserting themselves and setting appropriate boundaries (may identify as ‘codependent’)
  • Consider themselves to be a ‘highly sensitive person’ (HSP)  
  • Are on a path of self-discovery and/or consider themselves to be a ‘spiritual seeker’
  • Actively participate in a 12-Step program

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Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA