This is a small retreat for women to be held on my 1/3rd acre Beach Cottage property just 300 feet from beautiful Heceta Beach, Florence, Oregon. Guests may choose between staying in the Guest Cottage or at the Driftwood Resort, which is just a one minute walk away. Check back soon for details about this 3-Day retreat, which will be co-facilitated by myself  and Nora Juarez-Gibbs. For more information please CLICK HERE.



The past two years have been a time of tremendous change, transition, and adjustment for me. New location, new home, and new opportunities as a seasoned therapist, coach, and counselor. I’m pleased to announce that I am now living on the South-Central Oregon coast and am officially launching my Horse-Guided Learning, Coaching, & Counseling practice in Florence, Oregon. I will also be co-hosting Women’s Empowerment Retreats at a beautiful retreat center in the woods near Eugene, Oregon.

Why Work With Horses?

Horses have an innate ability to tune into the deepest parts of us. They can give you immediate feedback on how you are carrying yourself in the world and have an uncanny sense about the emotions of humans they are interacting with. Horses live in a constant state of truth – They are incapable of artifice or falsity. Through hands on experiential learning with my gentle and friendly horses, you will come to know your own fears and passions, strengths and weaknesses, and unique personal qualities and characteristics that will help you to transform, heal, grow, and move forward in your life in new and purposeful ways.

My Equine Learning, Coaching & Counseling sessions are for anyone who would like to expand beyond limiting views of themselves that have interfered with their ability to live as their most true, clear, and centered self. My background as a Licensed Therapist and Life Coach and my own understanding of the healing power of horses allows me to work with people from all walks of life who may need help with personal and/or professional goals and challenges.

* All Horse-Guided work takes place safely from the ground; no experience with horses is necessary. Exercises where you are on the horse but attached to a lead rope are also possible for those who are interested. 

No previous experience with horses is necessary.   

How Horse-Guided Therapy Helps People Heal, Change, & Grow
  • Allows you to access parts of yourself that may not come into awareness otherwise
  • Provides a unique, fertile environment that encourages intuitive, natural expression
  • Engages all of your senses, including what Eastern philosophy refers to as ‘Chi’ – our energetic, intuitive, instinctive sense, as mirrored and exampled by the horse. This in turn helps you become aware of unexpected insights, awarenesses, and solutions to issues that you may have been struggling with for years
  • Horses mirror and reflect your overall sense of being, including how you are showing up in the world emotionally, intellectually, and energetically
  • Teaches you how to trust your powerful Intuitive Center and encourages you to express your truth in the moment with intentional behaviors and actions
  • Encourages relational awareness and assertive communication that is based on a sense of genuine and deep respect for self and others
  • Allows you to be fully present in the moment, which leads to creative inspiration and thoughtful contemplation about your life, goals, and aspirations
  • Gives you immediate feedback on your communication and leadership style, and helps you to move through fears that may inhibit your living and speaking your truth


Coach Winchester


 Coach Blue

Client Testimonials

I learned things about myself that had eluded me despite years of standard ‘talk therapy’. The discoveries were both surprising and meaningful. Working with Rebecca and her two wonderful horses has literally been life-changing for me in ways I never anticipated or expected. I can communicate clearly and assertively now with others, even in tough or difficult situations, and I feel I really know myself now in ways I never did before.

– MK, Eugene, OR

I never thought that horses could help me move through blocks and obstacles in my job, but that’s what happened. After just a few sessions with Rebecca’s horses, it was evident to me what my stumbling blocks were in regard to my goal to get promoted. I was able to change some of my behaviors and ways of communicating at work, and I did receive that promotion – Thank you, Rebecca, Blue and Winchester!

-RO, Florence, OR