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ChainFree Living provides online psychotherapy services in the state of California, and online therapeutic life coaching and career consulting services nationally and internationally. You can access a free copy of my article, Ten Strategies For Discovering and Being Your True Selfhere. If this is your first visit to my site, you may want to sign up to receive my latest articles via the subscription form to the right. Feel free to share these free resources and articles with others. 


“We ought to remind ourselves daily, repeat it like a litany, that in our being lies concealed the whole gamut of existence… Above all, we should cease postponing the act of becoming what in fact and essence we are.” -Henry Miller

Re-Envisioning Traditional Life Coaching Methods

Welcome! I’m Rebecca, and I’m so pleased you found your way to my website. I’m a Therapeutic Life Coach™, Organizational Consultant, Licensed Psychotherapist, Educator, and Author who is genuinely passionate about helping people become who and what they most truly are so that they may live in an uninhibited, creative, expansive, and ‘chain-free’ manner.

It would be a wonderful thing if each of us were embraced, respected, and accepted as our true, authentic selves, as well as supported in growing to our highest potential, from the moment we entered the world. However, for some people this simply was not the case. Although traditional ‘success’ and future-oriented life coaching models can provide support, guidance, encouragement, and acceptance for those who are most in need of it so that they may change and progress, it often fails to address the past and ways of being and behaving that no longer serve them and keep them stuck in unhealthy, dysfunctional patterns. I therefore developed the Therapeutic Life Coaching™ model in order to better assist my coaching clients in their efforts to transform and evolve beyond old identities and limiting relational and social roles so that they may create the dynamic, fulfilling life they envision.

What Is Therapeutic Life Coaching?

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”  –Martha Graham

Unlike traditional future-oriented life coaching methods, the therapeutic life coaching processes I designed go beyond motivational concepts and the achievement of personal / professional goals by exploring ways in which your life force, i.e., your true-self nature, has become ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ in reaction to people, places, things, and events encountered in your life, both past and present. In addition, my Therapeutic Life Coaching process allows for the deepest possible transformation by inviting you to expand beyond limiting ideas that you may hold about yourself based on prior experiences and other people’s perceptions of you. ‘Success’ is redefined as a complete shedding of all that feels false and/or no longer serves you as you experience, embrace, and embody your innate wholeness, rooted in your true identity via a direct knowledge of Self.

About My Services

The unique, individualized Therapeutic Life Coaching™ and Consulting services I provide are specifically designed to support people in achieving their goals, realizing their dreams, and confidently standing in their truth, fueled by wisdom, emotional acceptance, and a direct knowledge of Self. I especially enjoy working with creative, emotionally aware, highly sensitive people who may be waking up to the fact that they have been living a life based on other people’s needs, wants, and expectations and are ready to dig deep within themselves so as to connect with their fundamental essence. Also, people who feel ready to release anything and everything about themselves that feels false and no longer serves them at the highest level so that they might begin an inner journey to learn more about themselves and their purpose in life. Also, people who are feeling ‘stuck’ in life, or that their true self is ‘blocked’ or ‘hidden’ and they’d like some help in moving through these perceived obstacles.

Special Free Introductory Session!

As a mental health professional with over twenty years experience, the unique therapeutic life coaching processes and methods I have developed to assist people in consciously experiencing their innate wholeness so as to live an emotionally liberated, fulfilling, and awakened life have proven to be effective time and time again. I invite you to Write Me for a free introductory ‘strategy session’ so that we can determine how my therapeutic life and/or career coaching services might best serve you.

*Important Disclaimer: Although I am a licensed Psychotherapist with a private practice in Northern California, the nationwide and international Therapeutic Life Coaching and Organizational Consulting services I provide via ChainFree Living must not be confused with clinical, licensed psychotherapy services, nor do my non-licensed services meet requirements for insurance reimbursement. Those prospective clients living in the state of California who are interested in learning more about my licensed psychotherapy services may Write Me here.




Rebecca C Mandeville, MA

Rebecca C Mandeville, MA

Life & Career Counselor | Horse-Guided Coaching at ChainFree Living Coaching and Consulting Services
Rebecca C. Mandeville is a licensed psychotherapist, therapeutic life coach, educator, and author specializing in emotional healing and living authentically as one's true self.
Rebecca C Mandeville, MA
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